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ABOUT Sanjuan23 DISTRIBUTION - The Sanjuan23 distribution list serves owners and fans of the San Juan 23 sailboat. The list is open to anyone interested in San Juan 23's and similar boats.  The list is usually fairly low volume and is quite personable, friendly and chatty.  Some of us have gotten together for cruises, races, or meals.  This web site no longer posts summaries of past discussions. 

Please don't send (programs) or attachments (images). Instead, put them on a web server and email the URL via the distribution list.

We encourage "for sale" or "wanted" notices for San Juan boats and equipment.  If you have gear or a boat for sale, please post a complete description, price and contact information.  Unlike a newspaper ad, it doesn't cost you anything to include all the details.  Remember, no photos, send a URL instead.

SUBSCRIBE TO Sanjuan23 DISTRIBUTION - The SJ23 distribution list is located on Google Groups and was created by Jon Rinquette / Travis Bruelle and is managed by Bob Schimmel. 

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