SJ23 Tech Tip B22, (Updated 2017-01-21) Bob Schimmel


Some Standard Pushpit Designs.

If you are considering adding a pushpit, then one of these designs might suit you.  Note the back stay adjuster shown in the top photos.  This version replaces a bottom portion of the factory backstay equipped with an 8x1 block and tackle and a ratchet block.  The safety feature of this design is the short length of wire between the top single block and the top of the double block.  This short length is as long as the back stay can extend if the line in the block and tackle should break.  It will keep the mast standing.


The rudder shown in the bottom right image is a home made version of the stock SJ23 kick up rudder. The head is welded aluminum.  This is also an excellent ladder design.


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