SJ23 Tech Tip Index - Hull.
(This index deals with the structural integrity of an SJ23 hull & anything attached to the outside, stern to bow.)

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B09  Rudder - Repair and dimensions.    2016-03-19
B30  Rudder - Make a Rudder Head and Blade.  2016-08-02
B10  Rudder - Keep the blade locked down and on the transom.  2003-04-18
B24  Boarding Ladder - 5 Transom mounts & 1 Gunwale Hung Step. 2021-05-25
B23  Tiller - Fabricate a laminated tiller. 2019-10-25


B22  Pushpit - Various Designs. 2017-01-21
B21  Split Pushpit,  Lifeline Gate, Padding & Stanchions - Design considerations and installation.   2022-10-22
B17  Cockpit Drain  - Transom installation and maintenance.    2019-05-09
B13  Cockpit Grate - Dimensions. 2004-12-14
B02  Cockpit Locker,  Starboard- Convert from shallow to deep.   2020-06-28
B03  Cockpit Locker,  Port - A flat floor for the gas tank & a line storage rack. 2007-08-10
B15   Cockpit Locker Lid  - Repair a delamination, seal a leaky lid.    2019-09-03


B04  Companionway Sliding Hatch - Install UHMW glides, Storm hood/Acrylic slider & Seal the sliding hatch.    2021-04-07
B19  Companionway Drop Boards - Replace, Secure, Store, Painted Rails. 2021-01-01

     KEEL & HULL                (NOTE - Some of these are below the water line.  Complete them before launch)



 Centerboard - Design, Stirrup Plate, LIFT the boat off the Trailer, Board Repairs, Replace SS Lift Cable, Double Ended Lift Line, Seized Board. 2022-08-01
B32  Centerboard - Lift Cable.   2015-07-16
B20  Centerboard  - Extend Lift Line to the Cockpit.  2003-01-14
B06  Centerboard - Performance Upgrade by Adding a Foil.    2021-08-13
B14  Keel Drag - Thoughts on reducing the turbulence of a Mark I keel.   2007-04-26
B28  Repair a Hull Damaged by Trailer Rollers - It is possible to remove the dimples after 18 years.   2011-08-16
B33  Crack Below Settee - Cosmetic only.   2019-11-25
B34  Seal a Hull - Soda Blasting. 2022-08-30

      CABIN TOP  

B18  Grab Rails on the Cabin Top - Restore or Replace.  201-06-19

      SIDE DECKS  

B07    Deck  Leak  at Shroud Chain Plates & Bulkhead Rot  - Reseal the deck around the chain plate & replace a rotten bulkhead.   2019-06-11
B16    Toe Rail , Scuppers or Transom Molding Leak  -  Reseal Toe Rail.     2022-01-25
B05    Window Leak - Reseal a window,  Rebuild a window.    2020-03-02
B29    Spring Line  Cleat - Talk about convenient.    2014-12-14


B08    Forward Hatch - Reseal with new rubber to prevent a leak, Replace Hatch, Latches, Install a framed hatch, Drill & Cut Techniques.     2018-08-12
B27   Forward Hatch  -- A new hatch for Shangri'-La    2011-05-24


B11    Anchor Locker  - Foredeck conversion & seal a leaky original style locker bottom.    2019-04-26
B11a    Anchor Locker  - Foredeck conversion.  (Under Construction)   2022-08-21
B12    Leaky or Damaged Bow Cap - Replace a worn unit.    2017-12-11
B26   Anchor Roller - Design & Install, toe rail, cap, chocks & navigation lights. 2008-05-22
B25   Stem Head & Tack Flange Fitting - Beef it up from underneath. 2004-08-09
B31    Pulpit - Droopy Lip Syndrome.   2017-04-16
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