SJ23 Project 05, (Issued 2014) A Nice Refit by Christine W. Cochran


1 - This is how she looked when we got her off the trailer in 2014.

2 - We raised the mast and put up the sails up just to see how it goes and to check out everything.

































3 - The bottom and the side topcoat were painted with West Marine paint.  The sides were rolled and tipped.  The finish came out a lot better than I thought.  Wow what a shine.

4 - The rudder was split and the foam core was wet so it had to be opened at the aft edge to be dried.  The foam core was epoxied to the skin and closed as you see below.  


Later the blade was painted and the hound was put on guard duty to protect the wet paint.  Good job girl!  The rudder is together again with new pintles since the old ones were cracked.  Probably a lot stronger now than ever before.































6 - Stripes were added to the hull with a poly enamel paint.  Would you look at that shine.

8 - I then added two deck inspection plates in the cockpit and replaced the two original corner posts with a pushpit.  The inspection plates in the cockpit allowed me to get to all the loose bolts.   Everyone took a turn tightening.

9 - A new bow pulpit

10 - Installed the mount for the Solar panel.  The panel is waiting for fittings.

11 - New shelf railing epoxied and varnished along with the table back bone, anchor locker cover and the tiller.

12 - New locker door made from recycled teak.

The transom vinyl fittings were cracked, which I discovered when I removed them!  So I installed new bronze thru hull fittings and capped them with bronze fittings. 

The interior has been removed and cabin wall fabric will go back in today along with some of the refinished wood.  Its 340F here today so it might have to wait for a warmer day.

Refit by Christine W. Cochran
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