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"A Goal without a plan is just a wish."



I'm always looking for input for this section.  Please submit photos of your project.  You'd be surprised how interested others are.

This is where I keep track of my projects.  It helps to answer time related questions for various people.

This is where I record some of my tracks across our lake.  You can't always be working.

01 - Destiny - A very nice remodel, 2021. 2016 and earlier Panache sailing 2020
02 - Silver Fern - Major rework in progress, 2022.  2017 Panache photo session 2022
03 - Vacant - So who's next?  2018  
04 - Vacant - 2019  
05 - A Nice Refit - A fantastic paint job, 2014. 2020  
06 - Knotless Too - Various cool ideas, 2015. 2021  
07 - Goodpain - Lots of different cool ideas, 2021.  2022  
08 - Renaissance - Refit, 2015. 2023  
09 - Juanita - Some shallow water modifications, 2014. ----> 2024 <----  
10 - Emunah - A complete upgrade, 2017.    
11 - Juan-a-Go - Balanced Rudder, 2018.    

I record my repairs and upgrades here so I can review them on the water.  Feel free to follow along.

In  his book “The Long Way,” Bernard Moitessier used a Spanish expression, "Muchos pocos hacen un mucho."  Translated it means, “a lot of little things add up.”  He rightly believed that paying attention to all the small things increased his chances of not having a catastrophic failure due to a snowballing effect of several seemingly minor issues.

You may never know what problem you've prevented from happening by paying attention to the small details!  Just in case anyone is asking, over the years I've disassembled and reassembled almost every part on Panache, except the spreader compression post which is seized and the toe rails (the stern ends are under lots of tension).  But I did replace all the toe rail screws, one at a time. 

Four rules for dropping or considering another project:

  1. Don't be afraid to drop what's not working for something that might.

  2. Don't be afraid to drop what's working well for something that might work even better.

  3. Don't be afraid to drop anything for something you KNOW will work.

  4. Don't be afraid to drop what you just realized is NOT going to work, regardless of how much time you committed to it.

PANACHE PROJECTS, 2024 (Updated 2023-12-03) *

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------------ WISH LIST PROJECTS ------------

  • I completed one of my last upgrades for Panache and still waiting for updates from another contributor to complete 2 Tech Tips under construction.  All this stuff takes time.

------------ WINTER PROJECTS ON THE HARD ------------

  • CABIN - Fabricate a new bug screen for forward hatch.  Tech Tip C16.

  • CABIN - Fabricate a storage bag for boom tent.  Tech Tip C14.

------------ SPRING LAUNCH PROJECTS ------------

  • HULL - Annual wax.

  • HULL - Install repaired water deflector at front of sliding hatch.  Tech Tip B04.

  • ELECTRICAL - Install house battery.  Tech Tip E01.

  • ELECTRICAL - Install a pure sine wave inverter.  Tech Tip E02.

  • RIGGING - Install new backstay and fabricate safety wire. Tech Tip F34a.

  • RIGGING - Install new Dyneema boom topping lift.  Tech Tip F12.

  • CABIN - Replaced solar panel on spare Nicro vent.  Tech Tip C19.

------------ ON THE WATER PROJECTS ------------

  1. OUTBOARD - Take photos for various drive positions of the outboard.  Tech Tip D06.

------------ COMPLETED PROJECTS ------------

  1. LAUNCH - May 17.

  2. ?

  3. HAUL OUT - Oct ??.

  4. HULL - Winter wax.



PANACHE PROJECTS, 2023 (Updated 2023-12-03) *

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------------ WISH LIST PROJECTS ------------

  • None

------------ WINTER PROJECTS ON THE HARD ------------

  • None

------------ SPRING LAUNCH PROJECTS ------------

  • None

------------ ON THE WATER PROJECTS ------------

  1. None

------------ COMPLETED PROJECTS ------------

  1. LAUNCH - May 17.

  2. CABIN - Spice rack for above the galley.

  3. CABIN - Companionway vent screen to keep squirrels out during winter storage. Tech Tip C16.

  4. OUTBOARD - Installed a rod end fitting on the shifter stick.  Tech Tip D07.

  5. OUTBOARD - Restore outboard shift lever and extension rod.  Tech Tip D07.

  6. BOARDING LADDER - Extend the bottom step with a loop of rope spliced to the bottom rung.  Tech Tip B24.

  7. RIGGING - Replaced straps on mainsail cover.  Tech Tip F38.

  8. RIGGING - Replaced straps on jib sleeve.  Tech Tip F10b.

  9. RIGGING - Fabricated a mast sleeve to hoist the temporary shrouds.  Tech Tip F18.

  10. RIGGING - Permanent mast tie down lines.  Tech Tip A07.

  11. RIGGING - Replaced a broken E-clip on starboard rope clutch.

  12. RIGGING - Stitched Velcro to the bottom strap of the jib sleeve. Tech Tip F10b.

  13. RIGGING - Took photos of Panache with one reef and two reefs.  Tech Tip F05.

  14. MAINSAIL COVER - Repair, wash and Water Proof.  Tech Tip F38.

  15. HULL DECK LEAKS - I had some annoying deck leaks that sneaked up on me over the past few years.  The irony is that the deck never leaked for 30 years till I installed 3 bilge pumps.  This was a chance to put my deck wash pump to good use.  One screw on the starboard toe rail leaked so little that I found it by shear accident and yet the cabin wall was wet.  I found two more on the forward hatch hinges only because I left the pump running at the mast base for 20 minutes.  A screw leaking on the port toe rail revealed itself after an hour of running water, yet rain could go through in minutes.  This water flowed down the port bulkhead, through a tiny speaker wire hole into the V-berth, then to the starboard settee where it accumulated.  These are examples of how difficult these leaks were to find.  The starboard cockpit seat leak revealed itself only because the hose happened to fall there while the pump was running.  Both lid seals were replaced so now it is time to "wait and see" if there are more leaks.  Leaks are bloody annoying due to the smell, mould and wood rot. 
    (You can reference any of the following Tech Tips that show a water droplet in the index: B17, B15, B07, B16, B08).

  16. HULL - Restored water deflector at front of sliding hatch.  Tech Tip B04.

  17. HULL - Applied maintenance coat of Sikkens Cetol on tiller.  Tech Tip B23.

  18. GAS TANK - Installed a Velcro strap around the tank to secure it.  Tech Tip D02.

  19. CABIN - Installed a fixed mount deck wash pump.  Tech Tip E19.

  20. HULL - Annual wax.

  21. HULL - Repaired stick shift knob on end of tiller extension.  Now mounted stronger than it was before.  Tech Tip B23.

  22. HAUL OUT - Oct 03.

  23. HULL - Winter wax.




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  1. LAUNCH - May 17 (This was late in the season due to high winds while installing docks).

  2. CABIN - Plugged the thru-hull fitting against an accidental opening that could sink the boat.  Tech Tip C01.

  3. CABIN - Installed the grey water tank, hoses, shelf and lock down strap.  Tech Tip C01.

  4. HULL - Inspected the cockpit drain plugs I installed through the hull in 2008.  They are secure.  Tech Tip B17.

  5. HULL - Installed the dual block at the top of the pedestal for a double ended center board lift line.  Tech Tip B01. 

  6. HULL - Waxed the hull and smooth gel coat sections of the deck.  Its been eons since I've waxed those sections.

  7. HULL - Installed a double ended Dyneema lift line for the centerboard.  Tech Tip B01. 
    I acquired a wet suit that fits "less snug" than my old suit.  Unfortunately the eye strap screws were corroded in place but a bolt cutter did a nice job of eliminating the cable.

  8. OUTBOARD - Replaced inline fuel filter so it is vertical to use the complete filter element.  Tech Tip D02.

  9. OUTBOARD - Replenished my stock of synthetic oil to mix in the gas.  Tech Tip D02.

  10. RIGGING INSPECTION - While I replaced the rigging only last year, I'm happy to report that all components are still tickety-boo.  Tech Tip F34.

  11. RIGGING - Having experienced an easy method to step a mast I installed a longer 1/2" line on the trailer winch to pull the A-frame.  Tech Tip F18.

  12. RIGGING - Replaced the port side triple pawl Barton winch with a quadruple pawl Lewmar winch.  Tech Tip F05.
                     - Replaced the gas spring in the rigid vang.  Tech Tip F01.
                     - Relocated spinnaker halyard to cleat on front of mast.  Tech Tip F05.
                     - Relocated two jib halyards to the outside rope clutches.  Tech Tip F05.
                     - Relocated the boom vang control line to the inside rope clutch.  Tech Tip F05.

  13. WINDEX - Installed the LED Windex light and electrical connector on the mast.  Tech Tip E11.

  14. HAUL OUT - Sep 21 should be a reasonable Fall day on the water.  Unfortunately head winds all the way down the lake to the ramp.




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  1. LAUNCH - May 10 was a nice day with no wind so I motored 12 miles to my slip.  This is the earliest I have launched Panache, despite COVID-19.

  2. CABIN - Repaired faucet switch.  Tech Tip C01.

  3. CABIN - Made a boom tent with the boat rigged on the water.  I have wanted to make a tent for so long.  Tech Tip C14.

  4. ELECTRICAL - Installed 2 flexible solar panels to increase charge capacity.  Tech Tip E01.

  5. ELECTRICAL - Installed an RFI free MPPT solar charge controller.  Tech Tip E01.

  6. ELECTRICAL - Rewired the solar meter so it is now measures charge current correctly.  Tech Tip E02.

  7. ELECTRICAL - Repaired anchor light with a UV window to protect the LDR from the elements.  Tech Tip E11.

  8. ELECTRICAL - Fabricated a portable Deck Wash Pump.  Tech Tip E19.

  9. HULL - This is now the third year since the bilges are bone dry over winter.

  10. HULL - Waxed and polished hull.

  11. HULL - Inspected port window seal and found to be water tight so going to leave it alone.  Tech Tip B05.

  12. HULL - Inspected transom drain fittings and found to be OK.  Tech Tip B17.

  13. HULL - Painted the metal rails white for the drop boards and sliding hatch.  Tech Tip B19.

  14. HULL - Replaced the sliding hatch glides.  Tech Tip B04.

  15. HULL - My new Scrubbis brush did a fantastic job of cleaning the bottom.  Tech Tip G07.

  16. MOORING - Pulled up the steel shore retrieval cable, (there were great gobs of weed growth all along the 300M long cable.  I was fortunate to find this cable and then lift it since it was corroded down to one strand in several places after 2 years on the bottom).  Marked the mooring with a temporary float for later removal.  Used Panache's bow roller to move the mooring to within rope reach of shore.  I then pulled the weight and chain to shore with my Tacoma.  Great fun and easy-peasy.  There was no corrosion on the chain or drum after 10 years on the lake bottom.  Remarkable.  Tech Tip J05.

  17. OUTBOARD - I repaired 4 problems on my Merc 75 this Fall;
    - A leaky lower gear case, leaky fill and drain plugs and a broken shift lever, Tech Tip D05
    - Lastly, marginal cooling, Tech Tip D08.

  18. RIGGING - Replaced shrouds using Sta-Lock terminations with new open turnbuckles.  Tech Tip F34.

  19. TRAILER - Modified mast transom support to keep the mast on the roller.  This mod is working very well.  Tech Tip F18.

  20. WINDEX - Painted the tabs and pointer with day glow orange to make the Windex more visible.  Added a diode and connector to the LED light harness to service it.  Tech Tip E11.

  21. HAUL OUT - Oct 14 was a pretty cool day on the water with wind on the nose all the way down the lake.  First time I've had to refuel during a transit.  Good thing I scrubbed the bottom (Tech Tip G07) a week prior to haul out.




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While chasing down a water leak under Panache's cockpit my buddy stopped by for a coffee.  He was talking to me from the dock when I was entombed under the cockpit and couldn't see me.  This was during COVID-19 with few people around so I have my cell phone within arms reach in case I get trapped.  When he finally figured out where my voice came from he gingerly stepped on board, grabbed my phone, and took this photo.  That's when he had an ah hah moment and asked, "You're good at crawling into tight holes.  Would you fix a loose cable under my cockpit?"  Ah well, the things that get done for a coffee.

  1. Launched Panache first week of June.  (This is later than usual.  COVID-19).

  2. CABIN - Replaced broken curtain slugs and washed the curtains.  Tech Tip B05.

  3. CABIN - Installed cabin thermometer.

  4. CABIN - Repainted galley stove.  Tech Tip C01.

  5. ELECTRICAL - Fabricated a 15' long wire harness for the portable solar panel.  Tech Tip E01.

  6. ELECTRICAL - Fabricated 3 wire harnesses, 2 pump mounting brackets, & installed a cable tray for the starboard bilge pump.  Tech Tip E16.

  7. ELECTRICAL - Sealed exposed wood in port bulkhead hole & installed chafe fitting for bilge pump wiring harness.  Tech Tip E16.

  8. ELECTRICAL - Installed a DC feed to a 6 position multiple strip, 3 pump switches and terminated 3 bilge pumps on back panel. Tech Tip E02

  9. ELECTRICAL - Terminated 1 solar panel harness on the back panel.  Tech Tip E02

  10. ELECTRICAL - Installed 2 settee bilge pumps with discharge tubes and thru-hull fittings.  Tech Tip C12.

  11. ELECTRICAL - Installed 1 cockpit bilge pump with discharge tube and thru-hull fitting.  Tech Tip C12.

  12. ELECTRICAL - Fabricated and installed 2 fences to protect settee bilge pumps.  Tech Tip C12.

  13. ELECTRICAL - Installed the repaired knotmeter.  Tech Tip E15.

  14. ELECTRICAL - Replaced the PWM charge controller with an MPPT charge controller. Tech Tip E01

  15. ELECTRICAL - Installed the wire harness for the portable solar panel.  Tech Tip E01.

  16. ELECTRICAL - Completed a power audit of each circuit to measure its normal consumption.  Tech Tip E02

  17. ELECTRICAL - Filled the depth sounder oil bath with mineral oil.  Tech Tip E05.

  18. ELECTRICAL - Installed a battery voltage chart above new MPPT solar controller.  Tech Tip E04.

  19. ELECTRICAL - Labeled the last of the wiring and components at the breaker panel.  Tech Tip E02

  20. ELECTRICAL - Wired the third solar panel through panel meter, M1 and moved the volt sense wire to after BKR12. Tech Tip E02.

  21. HULL - Installed a spacer in the vinyl moulding of each window.  Tech Tip B05.

  22. HULL - Cockpit locker port bulkhead - Sealed exposed wood in hole & installed chafe fitting for propane line.  Tech Tip E16.

  23. HULL - I finally found the source of leaks for Panache's starboard settee and port locker.  A dry starboard bilge through several days of rain proves that it was the toe rail but the starboard chain plate needed resealing too.  Sealing the port toe rail solved the leak for the port cockpit locker.  Tech Tip B07.

  24. HULL - Sealed and painted multiple deck screw holes while the weather is still warm enough for epoxy to cure.  The deck no longer looks like it has the "plague".  This project was long overdue.

  25. HULL - Resealed the toe rail to hull joint.  Tech Tip B16.

  26. OUTBOARD - Installed the modified shift extension rod for the outboard engine.  Tech Tip D07.

  27. RIGGING - Replaced 2 halyard shackles.  Tech Tip F03

  28. RIGGING - Repurposed a spinnaker turtle bag to launch or retrieve the jib sleeve. Tech Tip F10.

  29. RIGGING - Fabricated a spinnaker launch bag for use on the fore deck.  Tech Tip F37.

  30. RIGGING - Fabricated and installed a telescopic transom support post.  Tech Tip F18.

  31. RIGGING - Marked aft end of bridles for stepping the mast.  Tech Tip F18.

  32. RIGGING - Installed a cleat and ratchet block on the pushpit for the furling line.  Tech Tip F10.

  33. RIGGING - Took photos stepping the mast using the spinnaker halyard to hoist temp shrouds.  Tech Tip F18.

  34. RIGGING - Reinforced the lower shroud with a loop of Dyneema through the upper and lower toggles.  Tech Tip F34.

  35. RIGGING - Tested spinnaker launch bag for use on the fore deck.  Tech Tip F37.

  36. RIGGING - Filed the reinforced tack tape of both jibs a bit thinner so they slide through the sail guide on the furler.

  37. RIGGING - Installed 2 Blue Performance cockpit rail bags to store jib sheets.  Tech Tip F25

  38. RIGGING - Hung Blue Performance bags on cockpit bulkheads to tidy up the place.  Tech Tip F25.

  39. RIGGING - Installed an eye strap on the side of the mast to pull the spinnaker halyard away from the furler foil.  Tech Tip F10.

  40. RIGGING - Resealed the mast hinge plate.  Tech Tip F34.

  41. SLIP - Installed fenders along the dock finger to protect the hull for solo docking. The very shifty winds here usually make this a difficult task.  This also simplifies docking as I don't have to deploy fenders for the locker.

  42. SLIP - Spliced new mooring lines for Panache's slip.  Now all I have to do is pick up the permanent lines from the dock and slip the loops over the deck cleats.

  43. SLIP - Installed a bow bumper in the slip to protect the hull for solo docking.

  44. TRAILER - With the boat off the trailer and ideal painting weather, its time to git at er.  Greased the wheel bearings, lubricated the support pad hinges, greased the jack, fixed the triple light and right side park light, replaced two rotten grommets to protect wires entering the hollow frame, checked for loose nuts on the frame and replaced a (2x4)" that protects the bow as the hull slides on/off the trailer.  Painted the trailer, top to bottom since it's been 6 years since last time.

  45. TRAILER - Fabricated a telescopic transom support post to more easily raise the mast.  Tech Tip F18. HULL - Resealed toe rail deck seal.  Tech Tip B16.

  46. Hauled Panache out, September 27.  This is a bit earlier than usual but Mother Nature looks to cooperate for the warm weather projects I need to do.  Its also supposed to be miserable in early October, my usual date. 

  47. Wrapped Panache for the winter.  About 2 weeks earlier than usual to complete my warm weather projects.  Tech Tip A11.




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  1. Replaced bulky halyard bowlines with stitched splices to remove friction for the furler swivel.  Its the only "splice" you can make with previously stretched line.

  2. Bought a portable shower to work with the solar water heater.  What decadence for the Captain & crew.

  3. Added tell tales and a red panel to my stay sail to improve visibility.  Tech Tip F36

  4. Added new tell tales to my 110% jib that North Sails modified last year. 

  5. Added new tell tales to my 150% genoa that North Sails modified this winter. 

  6. Made a boarding ladder to climb between my dinghy and the boat.  Tech Tip B24

  7. Cleaned electrical connections on my solar panels and removed a blocking diode from one to improve charging.  Tech Tip E01

  8. Refurbished a large solar panel to use as backup.  Tech Tip E01

  9. Installed a storage system in the cockpit locker for the Tiller Pilot.  Convenience and speed.  Tech Tip E12.

  10. Reinforced the anchor locker bulkhead and added a stronger waterproofed false bottom.  Tech Tip B11

  11. Removed the factory stern light from the transom and sealed the hole.  Tech Tip E11

  12. Permanently sealed (epoxy) a deck hole that started leaking this winter.  It was previously closed with sealant.

  13. Finalized line lengths of temporary shrouds used to step mast. Tech Tip F18.

  14. Installed slippery Dyneema lazy jacks.  Tech Tip F22

  15. Extended the axle vent up into the body of my truck.  Oh so useful at the ramp.  Tech Tip A09.

  16. Resealed the depth sounder oil bath with the correct stuff. Tech Tip E05.

  17. Launched Panache May 06.

  18. Installed new colour coded reefing lines and thicken the lines for the rope clutches.  Tech Tip F05.

  19. I've moved Panache from a mooring of the last 35 years to a club dock across the bay.  This will be for the rest of summer.  Wow it is so much easier to work on the boat when tied to a dock. Not sure what next year will bring.

  20. Sealing cockpit locker lids.  Tech Tip B15.

  21. Installed a shift extension rod for the outboard engine.  Tech Tip D07.

  22. Retrieved Panache, Sep 26.  Panache covered 2 weeks later.  Tech Tip A11.

  23. Cleaned outboard carburetor.

  24. Made it easier to pin the forestay with improved security for the standing rigging.  Tech Tip F10.

  25. Filled epoxy gaps on laminated tiller.  Tech Tip B23.

  26. Designed and fabricated a tacker for an asymmetrical spinnaker used with a furled jib.  Tech Tip F37.

  27. Balanced the meter movement of the knotmeter.  Tech Tip E15.

  28. Repaired broken locker lid stiffener and installed lid.  Tech Tip B15.

  29. Oiled electrical connections on power subpanels.  Tech Tip E01

  30. Modified a spinnaker turtle bag to launch the jib sleeve from  Tech Tip F10.




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  1. Have configured my GPS and the wiring to the Tiller Pilot so they work together.  Tech Tip E13.

  2. Installed a pad eye on the forward deck to attach a staysail to.  Tech Tip F36.

  3. Clear coated a false floor under the forward berth.  I've actually had this floor for many years.  Just thought it needed protection from humidity.  You can store lots of stuff here if you can remember where you put it!

  4. Fabricated & installed a new light for the Windex.  Tech Tip E11

  5. Modified my jib sleeve launching bag so it is quick to set the bag in the pulpit.  Tech Tip F10

  6. The rigging modifications are working to my satisfaction and the back stay wire has stopped stretching, so I measured the length of the foil for the 150% genoa.  I'll ship it to North Sails this coming winter for conversion to furling.  Tech Tip F21.

  7. Genoa sleeve to protect the furled jib.  Its working well and has survived several storms where others failed.  Tech Tip F10

  8. The backstay stretched while sailing at hull speed, as expected, so I shortened it 2".  Tech Tip F09.

  9. Replaced the cracked forward hatch.  Tech Tip B08.

  10. Stepped the mast with the boat in her winter mooring to test the new furling system and adjustable backstay.  Very happy to report that the forestay turnbuckle is at mid thread with the mast at the correct rake and I can step the mast without taking the backstay apart.  A lot of changes from what I'm accustomed to for the past 30 years so I'm dry testing all systems before splashing the hull.  Tech Tip F09

  11. Successfully dry tested the furler strung between two trees using a 110% jib.  Also measured the furling UV sleeve.  Tech Tip F21

  12. Fabricate the backstay adjuster.  Tech Tip F09

  13. Stretched the forestay between two trees to install the roller furling system.  Tech Tip F10

  14. Installed the AAA steaming/deck light.  Ran the wiring through the mast with a connector at the mast base.  Tech Tip E11

  15. Install a low current solar charge meter on the power panel.  Tech Tip E02

  16. Installed the steam/deck light wiring through the deck & cabin to the breaker panel.  Installed switch S4 (steam/anchor) on breaker panel. Tech Tip E02. 

  17. Installed the furling line fairleads on the outside of the pulpit and stanchion posts.  Tech Tip F10.

  18. Lowered the mast and removed the forestay and back stay.  

  19. Stepped the mast with the new forestay to confirm it fits for the correct rake using the untouched back stay.  Marked the back stay for the placement of the adjuster block.  Tech Tip F09




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  1. Epoxied and coated the aft bulkhead under the media receiver.  It needed restoration and water proofing in case of future soaking. See Tech Tip C01

  2. Added covers for the primary winches. See Tech Tip F29.  It keeps them clean.

  3. Serviced the trailer bearings and brakes to be ready for haul out this winter.  Turns out the water I saw was between the Bearing Buddy and the bearing bra.  The bra blocked the drain hole so I cut a notch out of it and now the cavity can vent.  See Tech Tip A1.

  4. Coated the inside of the scuppers for UV protection. (Tech Tip B16).  Its wonderful that the cabin is now bone dry.  It actually smells like fresh fiberglass some days.

  5. I fabricated and installed a new power distribution panel for Panache in the Spring.  This panel has more circuits and can flip down for ready access to the wiring.  There is also a sub-panel behind to terminate all the boat devices.  Having the sub-panel cleaned up the accumulated rats nest of wiring back there.  I'm updating the relevant sections of Tech Tip E02 as I tweak the installation.

  6. Replaced my AM/FM/Cassette radio with a digital media receiver.  This unit required 2 power feeds that will come from the new power panel.  Installed the 2 additional speakers at the aft end of cabin.  Tech Tip E17.

  7. Installed lightning ground wiring to earth (water).  Tech Tip E03.



PANACHE PROJECTS, 2016 & Previous.

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  1. Improved the boom topping lift by adding an adjustable portion to the bottom of my fixed length lift.  This simplifies the job of packing the boat at the mooring, protecting the mainsail leech for reefed sailing and recovering a man overboard.  Tech Tip F12.

  2. Enclosed the table pedestal to hide the unsightly post.  Tech Tip C01.

  3. Sewed a main sheet bag to minimize cockpit clutter, winch covers to keep the bearings clean and ice out during the winter, protective covers for the cabin grab rails and boarding ladder steps.  A friend has a heavy duty sewing machine to tackle this project.  Tech Tip F26.

  4. Sealed the scuppers with epoxy.  This has been a long standing battle that is finally solved.  Tech Tip B16.

  5. Installed trailer guide posts to center the hull during launch or retrieval.  I added inserts to extend the posts further up to function on a deep ramp.   Tech Tip A1.

  6. Bonded all the metal components together and to earth ground to reduce the risk of becoming a lightning strike zone.  Nasty stuff that is.  Tech Tip E03.

  7. I removed the old sail numbers (wrong number) from the mainsail and installed the correct numbers (109).  What a lousy job to remove the adhesive.  I always liked that number; PT109, for those of you who know the connection.  Tech Tip H08.

  8. Made a new LED anchor light equipped with darkness switch.  The power cable was run through the transom to the battery.  Tech Tip E11.

  9. Installed a cassette holder inside the starboard upper cabinet.  I needed a better place to protect my mood music.

  10. Secured the gasoline line under the transom so it can't trap water in a sag or fatigue with flex.  Also reverted to my smaller gas tank so I can remove it from the locker to inspect the cockpit drain lines.  Somehow I forgot to consider this when I installed the large tank a few years ago. Tech Tip D02.

  11. Relocated the cockpit speaker to under the transom where I can hear it through the vent hole on the transom.  Tech Tip E10.

  12. New tie down straps to secure the mainsail to the boom. My old ones were a tad too short and difficult to clip together when sailing around just above freezing. Tech Tip F22.

  13. Installed a new battery, battery buss bars and upgraded the wiring accordingly.  Tech Tip E02.

  14. Rebuilt the upper galley cabinets.  A tiny water leak didn't do the wood at the bottom any good.   Tech Tip C01.

  15. Applied a maintenance coat of Cetol Marine to the teak interior.  It looked good before but looks even better now.

  16. Installed a tight fitting vinyl hose through the scuppers and sealed them with urethane sealant to seal the deck.  The vinyl hose will direct the deck water away from the hull.  I got sick and tired of these leaks.  Tech Tip B16.

  17. Repaired the cabin top hand rails and applied several maintenance coats of Cetol Marine.

  18. Upgraded the coax RF cable that goes through the cabin by replacing the RG58AU with RG8X and installed new PL259 connectors equipped with a reducer.  It was a challenge to fish the new cable under the floor by the head.  However, DSC calls now work.  Tech Tip E10

  19. Moved my vented propane storage locker from the cockpit to the transom.  This has been a really good move.  I never realized that it blocked my footing so much till it was gone.  Tech Tip C07

  20. Installed Lexan covers over my rigid solar panels to protect them from hail.  I'm back to a healthy battery.  Tech Tip E01

  21. Upgraded my too short 3/8" anchor line to 200' of 1/2" line.  Splicing previously stretched yacht braid is impossible.  So I invented my own splice.  It tested to several thousand pounds between a tree and my truck pulling in 4L.

  22. Refurbished my trusty Optima stove, otherwise I eat cold stuff! Tech Tip C01.

  23. Upgraded the preliminary data wiring between the VHF and the GPS to permanent equipped with connectors so I can easily remove the VHF for winter storage.  It all works.  Tech Tip E13



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