SJ23 Project 01, (Updated 2020-12-17) Destiny, Sail #509 by Buddy Wright.



Destiny is a Clark Limited Edition hull with a distinct colours scheme plus a few extra features; painted spar and trim package.

Destiny was in pretty bad shape when I bought her in 2017.  It was my intentions all along to do a complete tear down and rebuild.  For that reason she was in the shop all winter and spring.  Everything was stripped off, about half was replaced and the other half was cleaned, polished and rebuilt.  As of this writing the job is about half done and the interior is next.

A new coat of non-skid was applied to the deck.




Found this convenient place for a local chart.


This Raymarine chart plotter, small as it is, is more useful than the compass.  It is a Raymarine Dragonfly 5 Pro which might be discontinued.  The plotter works well, has low power drain and is super easy to see in bright sunlight.  It came with base charts and an SD card can be used to update them from Navionics, if desired.

Painted spars.  The old paint was stripped to bare aluminum, then primed and repainted. 



New  non-skid.

And finally back in the water.

While the boat was in the water I tackled the trailer.  I got tired of looking at it on the way to the beer store.

To date I have spent about as much money refurbishing as what the boat originally cost in 1980.

Destiny was pulled out of the water at the end of season and is back in the shop to refurbish the interior.

For electrical upgrades go to Tech Tip E18.

Interior Refurbish Fall 2020.

We replaced nearly all the interior wood, most of which was teak plywood that had dry rotted and delaminated.

New bulkheads.


Interior Refurbish Spring 2021.

My goal this winter was to finish remodelling the interior, but with various other non-boat life events, I ended up with little time to spend on it until about six weeks before launch.  So now I'm hitting it hard trying to put everything together to launch Destiny sometime in early June.

A friend built a new slide-in galley that is being varnished before install.  Its shown flipped on its side on the workbench.

Lonseal marine flooring in the cabin.

 Other trim pieces being varnished.

Lonseal marine flooring in the V berth.  A marine head was never part of the original design.  Nice touch.


For the V-berth filler over the head, see Tech Tip C08.

The table was removed by the previous owner, so I spent the last few years pondering what a new one would look like.  Then one day I saw a teak folding cockpit table at Fisheries Supply in Seattle and after measuring it realized it was darn close to what I was looking for.  It has a couple of fold out leaves that turn it into a very usable size.  After a few modifications, I think it fits quite nicely.


I finished reworking the centerboard trunk.  I originally wrapped it in hull fabric, but felt like it looked frumpy.  A friend suggested wrapping it in rope and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.


I've ordered all new cushions, which should arrive in the next few weeks.  Plus I've got a few more light fixtures to install, finish varnishing and assembling the galley and install the freshwater system.  My wife is putting the finishing touches on the new curtains and then into the water she goes!


Buddy Wright


Interior Complete Spring 2021.


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