SJ23 Project 08, (Issued 2015-09) Renaissance, CLKJ0272M78J, Sail 272 by Robert Trower.


In 2010 Robert Trower emailed me that he had a problem designing a trailer for Renaissance since there was nobody close to copy one from.  It took several trips to Panache's trailer to extract accurate dimensions from it.  With the assistance of several SJ23 owners to proof read my work, we corrected the errors in Tech Tip A10.   Its always good to have another set of eyes to look at a drawing.  Thanks guys.  Robert ended up with a perfectly balance tandem axle Loadmaster trailer and towed the boat from Virginia to Seattle.  Many other sailors have since used the Tech Tip to build a trailer for themselves.  Unfortunately Robert has since sold Renaissance.

 Below are Robert's other refurbishing notes:

  1. New trailer in 2010, plus new rigging, lifelines and fittings.   New outboard in 2005, 15 hp, 4 stroke Johnson, long shaft.


  2. Electric reversible winch with remote control that attaches to the trailer for stepping the mast.  This winch replaces the block and tackle.   (more on this later).


  3. New teak bulkheads cut to match the original shape.  Both stainless steel chain plates were refurbished to new condition.  The gimbal mounted lamp is made by Weems and Plath.  On a cool day it can keep the cabin dampness at bay burning paraffin fuel (lamp oil) for 30 hours on a single fill.  The lamp could stand to be polished but the patina is nice.


  4. New hand made mahogany ship ladder built to match original.  (waiting for photo)

  5. New carpet on floor and cabin walls.


  6. New sound system and VHF radio.


  7. New vinyl cushions for the settees.


  8. New main sail cover.

  9. And last but not least Renaissance won an honourable mention by the ladies of the Christmas Lighting Award Committee at the Norfolk Yacht Club in 2012.  And I didn't even have to bribe them!  I did one better.  My 7 year old grand daughter helped me hang the lights!  They couldn't resist a grand dad/grand daughter project.  It wasn't planned, just worked out that way.  Honest.


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