SJ23 Tech Tip B11a, (Created 2022-11-28) Greg Overton, Bob Schimmel (Under Construction)


Enlarge the Anchor Locker & Reinforce the Bow.
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This purpose of this project is to expand Goodpain's anchor locker and to reinforce the transverse stiffness of the bow.  Goodpain is an early version SJ23 without the deck anchor locker access.  This project was borne of me by test fitting the anchor rode in the factory locker and realizing it couldnít hold as much line as I wanted.  I needed a bigger locker without affecting the V-berth sleeping area.  In my mind the benefits are as follows:
  • More volume in the anchor locker.
  • Fully seal the anchor locker.
  • Properly stiffen the bow for the larger deck locker opening.
  • Strengthen the deck for the aft pulpit flange bases, as the new bulkhead is much closer to these.
  • No loss of leg room on the V-berth.
Step 1 - Use a laser to draw a couple of parallel lines upwards from the forward end of the V-berth to indicate where the new bulkhead will go.  They are shown below as the dotted lines.  This is basically where the anchor locker bulkhead of the later version SJ23 is located. 

Step 2 - A multi-tool with a reciprocating blade is invaluable for removing the anchor locker bulkhead (along the dotted lines) without cutting through the hull.  Note that the fiddles have been removed for this cut and that I've already removed the bottom of the V-berth to install the stiffeners.  Opening the V-berth improves the access to the anchor locker during construction.
SAFETY - Wear a good dust mask.


Step 3 - I then scribed a piece of 1/2Ē plywood as the lower portion of the new bulkhead.  Note that I also removed some of the deck flange where the top portion of the bulkhead will go.  The replacement plywood bulkhead was made in two pieces to fit it in.  The plan is to coat the plywood on all sides with epoxy then glass the full area of the plywood.  After that, glass mat will be used to properly tab this new bulkhead to the hull and to the V-berth insert.  Once the epoxy and glass are finished it will be one solid piece that is fully sealed between the anchor locker and the V-berth. 

Step 4 - Once the bulkhead is installed Iím going to install a (20x14)Ē sealed inspection hatch in the center of the bulkhead. 
Steps 5-9 - We are going to have to wait till Greg returns from his trip to see the completion of the interior work. 


Fig 10 - Greg's very unique anchor roller. 


Fig 11 - I decided to attempt something different with the bow sprit.  One of the reasons is that I want my Mantus 25lb anchor as centered as possible.  The righting hoop is pretty large, and I have plans to adapt Bob's bow roller toe rail strap design to mount a deployable bowsprit that can drop around the sides of the anchor (picture below for inspiration).  Iíll build mine with the idea that it can drop over the top of the stowed anchor and the hinges will through bolt to the toe rail, supported by straps very similar to the ones Bob designed.



UNDER CONSTRUCTION NOTE - Updates will be added as Greg completes his upgrades.  While this is an extensive project it is not difficult to visualize the final result.  It is Greg's planing and initial steps that are key to enlarging the anchor locker successfully.

Go to Project 07 to see the transverse stiffeners that reinforce the bow. 

Greg Overton
SV Goodpain
Tacoma, WA

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