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USED BOAT INFO - Want to know some statistics of the boat you are interested in?  Click on used sail boats in Central Canada.  This site has excellent reference information and sketches of many popular boats ranging from 16 to 42 feet LOA.  It has very good advice for first time buyers.  General Information and things to watch for when buying a used SJ23.

FINANCIAL & LEGAL CONCERNS - If you are considering buying a boat or paying for the services of a marine survey company, you might want to first investigate if there are any liens against the boat before you leave your hard earned cash on the barrel head.  This would include buying a used boat, moving your boat over land, a marina slip, boat repair, boat storage, etc.  The last thing you want is your "baby" tied up in some legal battle you had no involvement in.  Check out the web site of MARINE LIENS

HULL INSPECTION and MECHANICAL CONCERNS - If you are adept at working on things (have opposing thumbs) you could use the tips suggested in Marine Survey 101.   On the other hand it might be wise to hire someone to inspect that new baby you are thinking of buying.  There are many survey companies that will perform a comprehensive prepurchase mechanical inspection or insurance claim. 

NOTE:  The SJ23 web site has some extra storage space to advertise your boat for sale.  Email the particulars to me and I'll post it.  BUT remember, there isn't unlimited space on this site, so if I run out of space I will remove the oldest listing first.

  • Private SJ23 owners only, no dealers.
  • Proof read your listing to ensure accuracy. 
  • Make sure it reads the way you want it.  It can have a huge impact on the success of your sale.
  • If you are in a hurry to sell your "stuff" then tell others about it; word of mouth, SJ23 distribution list, Kijiji, Craiglist, etc.  Don't be afraid to quote this web site as reference.  Many owners bought an SJ23 with the reassurance of the technical information available in this web site.
  • Boats are listed for sale in the order in which they were received, "date posted".
  • Please email me after you sell your boat so I can delete the listing. 


VESSEL  (Name Preferred) or STUFF for SALE




2017-02-15 SJ23 - Eurolyus      
2018-07-14 SJ23 - Playin Thru      
2022-03-09 SJ23 - Factory Sails for Sale      
2023-05-21 SJ23 - Travis Sails for Sale.      
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2016-02-11 SJ23 - Vern      
2017-08-17 SJ23 - Bert      
2020-05-17 SJ23 - Luke Adams