SJ23 Tech Tip Index - Outboard.
(This index deals with the SJ23 operational requirements for an engine, regardless of the manufacturer.)

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 Easy Outboard Lift - Or how to keep your sunglasses in your shirt pocket. 2005-09-30
D02  Gas Tank in Port Locker - Fumes vented safely outside hull. 2015-11-31
D03  Outboard Bracket Mounting Nuts - Crawl below & behind cockpit, Access hatch to tighten nuts.  2015-10-18
D04  Outboard Mounting Bracket - Rework the Fulton bracket to stiffen it.  2015-12-05
D05  Protect the Outboard from Corrosion - Various oils, mixing gas, spark plugs, anode, metal corrosion, gear case & winter storage. 2021-11-06
D06  Outboard HP Required to Push an SJ23 - 2 or 4 cycle, HP, shaft length, propeller, ducted propeller, outboard in various positions (Under Construction), Various manufactures. 2022-06-28
D07  Outboard Gear Shift Extender - To shift an outboard from the cockpit with improved gear shift extender. 2023-06-03
D08  Outboard Maintenance - Replace an impeller. 2013-04-27
D09  Outboard Maintenance - Remove salt deposits in cooling jacket. 2023-02-13
D10  Outboard Electric Propulsion - Does it work? 2023-11-30
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