SJ23 Tech Tip Index - "How To".
(This index deals with assorted stuff related to the SJ23)

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J01  Dinghy - Rigid or Inflated, Carry or Tow. 2019-02-24
J02  Goodies for Pocket Cruising - Lots of good ideas.  Please submit your idea to help others. 2018-04-08
J03  Flag Etiquette - God forbid if you fly it wrong. 2000-11-18
J04  Thoughts on Raising a Submerged SJ23 - yech, perish the thought. 2007-09-13
J05  Mooring Design for a Pocket Cruiser - Inexpensive and works really well 2019-07-18
J06  PFD Maintenance - Selection and Maintenance. 2019-06-21
J07  Winch Holder - Clean, Handle Snag.  2020-07-25
J08  First Aid Kit - At the very least have a kit to deal with bleeding. 2020-12-21
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