SJ23 Tech Tip Index - Specifications / Handling.
(This index deals with the SJ23 design, performance and advertising from Clark & subsequent owners)

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H02  Hull & Rigging Specifications with Profile Images for the SJ23, Mark I & II.  2020-11-32
H07  Hull Construction and Factory Assembly. 2022-05-16
H08  Hull Vintage and Revision - of SJ23 Sail Boats 2016-05-15
H10  SJ23 Keels - Mark II, Mk III, Kiwi & Ausy. 2006-11-14
H12  AB23 Esprit - Comparison & Features of the Australian SJ23. 2010-04-22
H06  SJ23 OPERATING MANUAL. - (Online copy of the original version from Clark) 2008-09-05
H09  SJ23 Advertising Brochure, 1977 (from "San Juan Manufacturing") - for Mark I & II hulls. 2002-04-04


 SJ23 Options Brochures, 1978 & 1983 - Outline Drawings, Prices, Winch Use, Racing Package, Deluxe Interior, Colour Pak, Standard Equipment and Spinnaker Panel Guide for most models. 2010-02-09
H03  Parts Sale - 1983 San Juan models. 1998-10-30
H05  Performance Specifications for the SJ23 to SJ34 Sailboats 2004-12-03
H04  SJ23 Sailing Hints From Clark Sails (Tweekers & Twings). 1998-10-30
H11  SJ23 Safe Handling & Crew Weight - Important info for safe boating. 2019-04-23
H14  SJ23 Racing with Crew - Weight Distribution for Sailing Fast. 2023-01-13
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