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This web site is dedicated to all San Juan 23 sailboats that love to be pampered for I fervently believe that a boat responds well to good treatment.  So treat her well and talk kindly to her while on board, for she is listening.  (It wouldn't hurt to quietly thank the Clark family for a good design).   I document modifications & repairs to Panache & other SJ23s here to show you the how and why. (cont'd below)
(Don't even ask me how much time I've invested in Panache, let alone this web site.  I could be quite wealthy at $1.00 / hr.)


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A - TRAILER (towing & storage)

B - HULL * (structural integrity)

C - CABIN * (creature comforts)

D - OUTBOARD * (push required)

E - ELECTRICAL (& electronics)

F - RIGGING * (standing & running)

G - CHEMICALS (about)

H - SPECS/HANDLING * (lots of #s)

J - HOW TO (related techniques)

P - PROJECTS, JOBS & PHOTOS.  (How others pursue their projects & those I work on)

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website counter sailors have cruised through the SJ23 web site since the first Tech Tip (B01) was published May 26, 1999.  Chuck started this web site a few years earlier and has since crossed the bar.  From Chuck and myself, enjoy.


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Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn.
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The start of another sailing season.  Thankfully there was a bit of rain for enough water to launch.  It was looking a bit dicey.  Fortunately for those living downwind from Western Canada the rain returned in abundance which doused two major forest fires. 


The sky is back to clear blue.  Now we get to burn under the sun.  Still going to do a quick lesson in compass reading or using the map function on a smart phone.  Should be lots of fun.


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  • I've sailed an SJ21, SJ23 (MKI & MKII), SJ7.7M, SJ24 & SJ28.  I doubt I will ever sail an SJ26, 30 or 34.  There aren't any around here.  The SJ23 and SJ28 have many similarities.  Despite their weight difference they handle quite similar.  ABOUT THE AUTHOR

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(Cont'd from above)  Over the years I've gleaned many ideas and bits of information from different sailors and added it to an applicable Tech Tip.  It's how the data base grows.  Many are not aware how valuable their contribution is.  This knowledge is provided in the true spirit of the Internet, "A free exchange of information for the benefit of all.

Its OK to post your project or question via the SJ23 distribution list for subscribed members to view or you can email it directly to me.  In either case this is a great way for others to learn or help you solve it.   Your project doesn't have to be a complete remake of the boat!  So set your camera resolution to fine and image size to 1024x768, dip your quill in an ink well and write a brief description.  Then email it to me.  Honestly it's not that difficult.  Bob

DISPLAY SETTING - The Tech Tips are formatted for a display setting of 1024x768 using Firefox, MS Edge, Safari or any other browser.  They show OK on a tablet but are too big for a smart phone unless you rotate it to landscape view.  This increases text size and you can zoom in / out.  For a better view, pair your tablet to your smart phone.
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MEASUREMENTS - The SJ23 sailboat was constructed using Imperial dimensions which I continue to use on this web site.  The measurements shown are taken from Panache and I have taken great care to ensure accuracy.  But please measure your own hull for an exact fit as it is the most accurate.  If you find a dimension or description in error I would appreciate hearing from youAfter all, I was wrong once before and I suppose it could happen again!  You may also see (metric) measurements for my Canadian and international buddies.  The base 10 numbering system is so nice to work with.

LEGALESE - The modifications shown in these Tech Tips give you an idea of what can be done to repair or upgrade an SJ23, or any other pocket cruiser for that matter.  The Tips are directed to those individuals who possess "opposing thumbs" or know people who are suitably equipped!  You assume all responsibilities for misplaced pencil marks, cutting too short/long, picking up the wrong tool or not understanding what you're about to do!  I cannot accept responsibility for damage or loss resulting from the use of information provided herein.  That's enough of the legalese.  Geeze.

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