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 Power up with Solar Energy for Panache - Panel Types/Location, Hail Protection,  Dual Solar Panels, Flex Solar Panels, Charge Controllers (PWM & MPPT), RFI & Voltage Spikes, PWM "Noise" reduction, Battery, Discharge Protection. 2023-10-21
E02  Electrical Distribution Panel for Panache - Factory panels, Panache panels, schematic & components, buss bars & battery, wiring techniques & corrosion, conductor info.  2023-04-28

 Protection from Lightning - Minimize risk of becoming a strike zone.  Yikes.

E04  Pulse Charge a Flooded Battery - Desulphate the plates & measure state of charge.  2018-03-14
E05  Install a Depth Sounder - Install smaller display & shoot though the hull. 2021-09-30
E06  Install a Portable Instrument - Includes the compass. 2019-09-16
E07  Power up with Outboard Generator - Transom Electrical Connector for starter/generator. 2001-09-08
E08  Battery Tie Down - To prevent spilling electrolyte (acid). 2015-10-21
E09  Wiring Inside the Mast - Installation and support. 2014-03-13
E10  Install a Fixed Mount DSC-VHF Radio - Location considerations, antennas, RF ground. 2017-06-19
E11  LED Lights -  Minimal Power Consumption with Improved Illumination & Transient Suppression; Cabin, Cockpit, Running, Stern, Steaming, Anchor, Instrument & Windex Lights. 2022-04-22
E12  Self-Steering - Install a Tiller Autopilot. 2022-07-07
E12a  Self-Steering - Control a Tiller Autopilot with a Raspberry Pi.  2022-07-17
E13  Connect a GPS to an Autopilot or VHF Radio - Steer to a waypoint or along a route. 2018-12-08
E14  Cruising with a Personal GPS Tracker - Or how to keep your girl friend's handkerchief dry! 2016-05-18
E15  Install a Self Powered Knotmeter - Thru-hull Installation considerations. 2022-05-28
E16  Automatic Bilge Pumps - Wiring and considerations for a shallow settee bilge pump. 2023-08-10
E17  Install a Digital Media Receiver (Stereo) -  Location considerations.  2017-06-19
E18  Power Distribution Panel for Destiny - Analogue gauges, Nice face plate.  2020-12-06
E19  Deck Wash Pumps - Portable for light clean up & Permanent for power cleaning. (Updated) 2023-07-03
E20  Install a B&G Wind Sensor Display - Solar Powered. (New) 2023-08-07
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